Aspull was incorporated by its then parent company Wm Yates & Sons Ltd, who were in turn part of the Readson Group. The Readson Group were one of the largest privately owned textile Companies in Europe. Aspulls first operational headquarters were in Aspull, a small village in Wigan from where it took its name. Aspull was originally formed to provide Mechanical Services to all of the Companies within the Readson Group.

Aspull relocated to its current site at Boothstown, Worsley, consisting of 3 acres with 42,000 sq. ft of manufacturing area.

Aspull grew and started to offer its Mechanical Service expertise outside “The Group” and subsequently became a major supplier to the then “National Coal Board”, which was then fast becoming highly mechanised.

Aspull targeted the Construction Industry and still continues to provide Steelwork/Erection to many major Civil Engineering Contractors

Aspull Engineering achieved accreditation to BS5750 Part II and has continued to remain accredited to the present date BS EN ISO 9001 (2008). Uniquely Aspull are accredited for shop work and site services.

• The founding Managing Director of Aspull retired after 25 years. The Dodson family who owned the Readson Group retired and sold out in a massive management buy out.
• The new owners of the Readson Group turned out to be asset strippers and set about dismantling the whole group. (over 10,000 jobs were lost in the first 6 months).
• Aspull being the only Engineering based Company and reasonably profitable was left to its own devices.
• The NCB Aspull’s biggest client went on strike for one year.
• John Parrott installed as Managing Director of Aspull Engineering

Mr Ernest Dodson a founder of the Readson Group purchased Aspull to prevent its possible sale to others or closure (Aspull Engineering was the only Company in the Readson Group set up by Mr Ernest Dodson).

Mr Ernest Dodson retired aged 89 and John Parrott purchased the shareholding in Aspull from him.

Aspull purchased P Lund Engineering Ltd, a long established machining company to compliment our activities.

Aspull purchased the assets of Wycon UK Ltd from the official receivers. The purchase of Wycon UK Ltd brought specialist pipefitting services, which complimented Aspull’s experience in Mechanical Services. This acquisition brought Aspull into contact with the Food Industry.

1992 October
Michael Heseltine announces possible privatisation of British Coal and the closure of many collieries. Aspull forced to make 90% of the workforce redundant in order to remain in business. Over 80 jobs were lost, Aspull employed over 90 people at the time.

Aspull were looking for tenants for the disused part of the factory and were introduced to K.I.S. Metal Pressings, who were then based in Prescot. Aspull purchased the major share holding of K.I.S Metal Pressings Ltd and moved the whole company to the Worsley factory.

Aspull along with ex personnel of Stotts of Oldham purchased “Stotts of Oldham” Service Counter Division from “Electrolux” and renamed it Aspull Catering Equipment & Services, ACES for short and moved it to the Worsley site. ACES Website

Aspull Catering Equipment & Services Ltd having outgrown the available space, moved from Worsley to Royton-Oldham having purchased a one-acre site with 26,000 sq. ft of manufacturing area.

The same year Aspull incorporated a new Company “Crackpot Ideas Ltd”, namely to evaluate new products for the future and to “put a smile on peoples faces”.

Purchased Fabweld Ltd, a mechanical services provider based in Trafford Park, Manchester and T.U.P.E. transferred 10 employees. (Fabweld Ltd were a mechanical services provider to the Food Industry)

Aspull formed a company the “Wheelie Bin Cover Company”, to manufacture and retail vinyl covers for domestic wheelie bins.

Aspull purchased Aldersley Equipment Ltd, a design and manufacturers of Silos and handling equipment for the Food Industry.

Aspull took on the ex-employees of a defunct narrow boat building company and formed a company named Bridgewater Boat Builders Ltd to continue the business of building traditional steel hulled narrow boats

Aspull carried out major works on the three N.V Buildings, on Dock 9 Salford Quays (near the Lowry Centre) for one of the larger Construction Companies.

Aspull targeted the Railway Networks and carried out its first major contract, the manufacture and installation of modular steel station platforms with GRP textured planks including fencing, lighting, barriers and station furniture. Our own PTS trained personnel carried out the work mostly during normal hours.

Working under CDM 2007 Regulations as principal contractors for a major food producer Aspull Engineering Co Ltd carried out major restructuring of plant, re-engineered prime equipment and reinstalled in POLAND.

Aspull took over responsibility of providing Mechanical Services from the previously incumbent company and successfully T.U.P.E. transferred 16 highly skilled personnel to Aspull to compliment our ongoing activities.

Achieved CE1090 Execution Classification 3.

Achieved ISO 9001:2015. The new standard which has replaced ISO 9001:2008 which we held previously.